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RDH4504B, Cambium Networks 5.4/5.8GHz PTP Antenna, 3-ft. (0.9m), 5.25-5.85GHz, 32.5 dBi, Dual-Pol, H-Pol & V-Pol
RDH4504C, Cambium Networks 5GHz PTP Antenna, 3-ft. (0.9m), 4.9-6GHz, Dual-Pol, H-Pol & V-Pol

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Standard Parabolic Antennas
Standard microwave antennas consist of a parabolic shaped reflector spun from a sheet of aluminum. The parabolic shape focuses energy at the feed point of the antenna. These parabolic antennas have a narrow focused beam of energy and relatively high gain compared to many other types of antennas. These antennas will have a mounting system to attach the antenna to a pipe, tower leg and/or a specific radio, in some cases.

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